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As Magnolia Gold Partner, we have been relying on Magnolia as a powerful and scalable content management system since 2007.
A Digital Experience Platform with modern architecture and extensive features that enables us to quickly and effectively implement complex requirements.

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The Magnolia Digital Experience Platform is a suitable solution for globally operating companies with complex website requirements due to its high flexibility and comprehensive integration of enterprise applications.
Magnolia DXP

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Benefit 1

Scalability and Flexibility

Magnolia DXP can adapt flexibly to the size of your web project. Realize your individual requirements and complex processes in one web application. Moreover, respond quickly to changing requirements.

Benefit 2


Using state-of-the-art technologies such as server-side rendering and caching methods, fast loading times and high website performance are ensured.

Benefit 3


With the Magnolia DXP, you provide a personalized user experience and delight your website visitors with customized content.

Benefit 4

Global and international

With the Magnolia DXP, you can easily introduce and centralize content and experiences for different brands and languages simultaneously, ensuring a consistent brand presence. Reach your target audience worldwide and effortlessly manage multilingual websites.


Discover our high-quality Magnolia extensions to make your Magnolia DXP even more powerful.

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