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New user experience for
technology corporate GFT

The website for our client GFT offers users a redesigned user experience and an optimized user flow.
In addition to a reduced website structure and new design elements, we also developed a modern animation design. Technically, the implementation was done via Magnolia CMS. We keep the editorial effort of the multi-site low via the integration of the Magnolia feature Live Copy. A unique teaser concept nevertheless creates high editorial flexibility.
What we did
UX Design
Development (FE/BE)
Quality assurance
DevOps/Operations Support
Further development & Optimization
Conversion Tracking/Analytics
Technical Platforms & Tools
Adobe XD
Magnolia CMS
Tailwind CSS
A user-friendly content structure that leads to conversion optimization and an improved user flow: This was the goal of the GFT website relaunch. We covered the multi-site functionality via Magnolia CMS. The use of Live Copy keeps the editorial effort low.
Mockup screen.

Translate existing brand guidelines into the web

Style guides are the key to the look of advertising materials, newsletters, etc. in many companies. The goal is a uniform appearance. However, the look is often ignored in the digital context. There are no pattern libraries or design systems available for the web. If this is the case, the corporate design guidelines must be adapted.

Global brand guidelines for all corporate channels

Using existing corporate brand guidelines, we derive the styles of web components. In this way, we transform the corporate design into a uniform digital experience. By developing pattern libraries, authors can use the components with the greatest possible flexibility.

Form follows function: The visual appearance is determined by the content

A uniform web presence with optimal user flow is a challenge, especially for large corporations with country-specific pages. The editorial maintenance effort is enormous. For this reason, the number of CMS components for the website is often minimized to ensure a uniform corporate web presence. Editors thus have limited flexibility in building their pages.

Just 1 click: More design freedom for editors

We developed a global teaser solution based on Magnolia CMS for our client GFT. The solution enables the flexible creation of country-specific pages while keeping editorial efforts low. Using variable teasers, which can be selected as singular and plural teasers in light or dark versions, editors can adapt the layout to the content with minimal effort. The teaser system allows flexible section design depending on the content.

Lack of up-to-date content

Companies today need to adapt and play out media content quickly. Often, only small adjustments to market specifics are necessary. These take a lot of time. Due to the editorial effort, content is often only updated sluggishly, which means that the actuality of the content suffers.

Fast and easy maintenance with Live Copy

The Magnolia Live Copy feature makes it easy to manage similar content across complex multi-site installations. Live Copies of the master site allow changes from the master to be applied directly to the Live Copy page. Manual adjustments of similar pages become redundant. Live Copies can be modified individually and are protected from master changes.
Mobile screen.
The new information hierarchy of the GFT website leads to a user-friendly content structure. Our teaser solution enables the flexible design of the content.
By integrating specific apps into Magnolia CMS, we form high quality semantic data that can be used globally. The integration of automatic pull components enable the fast and easy creation of overviews. In the implementation, we use Tailwind, a utility-first CSS framework. This allows us a mobile-first approach and fast implementation.

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