Advanced Content Pool

Create centrally organized content experiences

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You have multiple international websites within one Magnolia DXP installation? With the Content Pool extension, there is no longer any need to copy or duplicate content from apps to create a site-specific version of it. Add the content once in the Content Pool app and update it there. You can already see how the content will be displayed on your website while editing.

Key Features

Efficient content re-use across your sites, e.g., product listings, location information

Content does not have to be fully structured

WYSIWYG-experience - just like in the Pages app of the Magnolia Content Management System

Content visibility control based on site and language

Structured overview of your content

Timeliness - The content pool simplifies regularly updating the country-specific sites

Good to know


Developer: Lemonize GmbH
Magnolia version: 6.2.8
Magnolia edition: DX-Core

This extension is maintained and offered by Lemonize GmbH. If you need more information and support, feel free to contact us.

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