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Matching lifestyle, outfit and furnishing - individuality is a trend. The demand for products that are tailored to individual customer wishes and requirements is constantly on the rise. The sale of such products is a decisive competitive advantage on the international market. This is where product configurators supplement the implementation. The resulting variety of products and variants is a challenge, especially for the sales department:

Which combinations can be produced technically?

Which product variant meets the customer's requirements best?

Which attachements are optimal for the customer?

Advantages of product configurators

Win new customers or leads with the product configurator. If it is well integrated into the existing system landscape and has a high usability on the web, your online product configurator will become the first point of contact for your industry. The efficiency of lead generation can be maximized through the use of marketing automation systems. Integration into the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is essential. Lead Nurturing and the purchase form a consistent sales strategy with which a product configurator harmonises well.
What are your customers currently doing? Recognizing customer needs and requirements at an early stage and adapting the product range to them as a company secures decisive competitive advantages. Tracking helps to find out which product variants and accessories are currently of interest to customers. In addition, you can see which customers are involved in a new acquisition. Tracking on a product configurator website allows you to optimally combine customer needs and product strategy.
Mass Customization - the customized mass production is a challenge for every manufacturing industry. Products that are tailor-made for the customer and nevertheless a standard product from the production point of view. With good quality and service, the amount of variants should always be offered in consideration of the price level.

Web-based product configurators can solve these requirements in a customer-friendly way.

In order to further increase the purchase card value and sales efficiency, a configurator for products, just like a good sales employee, enables intelligent cross-selling and up-selling opportunities.
In the business-to-business area, a product configurator can serve anything from the independent research of the customer, support of a consultation, to the complete independent ordering of your customers. The latter is typically accompanied by a customer login and integration into the ERP system (e.g., SAP). The availability of individual parts, delivery times and prices are the kinds of information that the sales employee or customer can access directly from the product configurator.

Many configurators are now "State Of The Art" and also enable product visualization via 3D display - in real time depending on the currently selected product variant. The product configurator is both, a marketing and a sales tool and provides context-sensitive marketing content.

Critical success factors of product configurators

Product configurators play a central role for sales: they must not only be able to map complex dependencies between product components, but also be deeply integrated into the IT landscape (e.g. the CRM, Tracking/Analytics, ERP, PIM system) in order to ensure up-to-dateness and optimally support the sales process. A scalable and high-performance architecture of the product configurator (e.g., as a headless configurator) is decisive for user-friendly operation.
In contrary to many reservations of sales employees, a product configurator does not streamline jobs, but creates new freedom so that sales employees can again intensively serve customers and win new customers. By reducing the workload on employees - individualized offers no longer have to be entered manually - offers and orders for configuration items can be created automatically, quickly and correctly. Product configurators, also known as variant or quotation configurators (CPQ), minimize the time spent on standard tasks in the sales process.
The Intellectual Property (IP) - the know-how behind your products - must be well protected. A configurator must be designed in such a way that important product data, which is necessary for the product configuration but should not be publicly accessible, is protected. On the other hand, it is important for search engine optimization (SEO) that product data is available on the website and can be crawled/indexed. A balancing act that needs to be well considered and technically conceived.
Purchasing behaviour has changed as digitalisation has progressed. The search for information for upcoming purchase decisions is increasingly taking place online and mobile.

Therefore, the user experience of a product configurator plays an important role. The consistent orientation of the software towards the target group and their habits is crucial. For example, the UX design should have a responsive behavior and be used via any end device (notebook, tablet, mobile). In addition, it should always encourage interactivity and animation for the actual purchase.

Product configurators are an important measure to secure international competitive advantages and to keep up with the trend of mass customization. As an interactive tool for the customer, a product configurator can increase SEO performance and playfully generate new leads or encourage existing customers to buy. In addition, the expertise that sales employees have gathered over many years is explicitly mapped in the configuration logic and thus available to all.

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