our first month
at lemonize

Impressions, experiences and many instructive instants

Green walls that appear even more colourful in the light of the sun, the view of the cathedral of Ulm from the conference room and glass surfaces as far as the eye reaches. That was our first impression when we entered the office building of Lemonize GmbH in Kleiststraße in Ulm at the beginning of March.
Here we will spend the next 6 months. The practical relevance of our studies, Information Management and Corporate Communications (IMUK), at the university of applied science in Neu-Ulm is very high. All students have to spend the 4th semester within a company of their choice in order to apply their knowledge in an everyday professional work environment and also to gain an insight into the life after the Bachelor of Arts at the university.
The course itself is based on three major subject areas - business administration, information technology and design/marketing. This interdisciplinarity of the course is unique in Germany.
The graduates, we, start exactly at this point. Our professional future will be in the interface positions, which have gained enormous importance in today's world. With the goal of learning as much as possible in these 6 months, we have looked for exactly such an interface - and also found it, here at Lemonize GmbH.

Internship start - Getting to know the team and the work

As an IT company with a focus on marketing and sales, Lemonize offers innovative, individual and scalable web presences and applications, online product configurators as well as mobile apps.
Together Daniel and I, Lara, expect new tasks and challenges at Lemonize, about which we would like to give an insight. With a slight overstrain at the first day, it all started with an introduction to the company and its structure.
The internal organization tools were completely new territory for us. Even the central online administration and storage of all data, thought through down to the smallest detail, was initially a minor challenge, since the project tasks and lecture notes often remain in the section “chaos desktop” on the students’ laptop until the end of the semester.
At the end of the day, clearly with some practise, we got along with the programs.

Our work - exciting and varied

The following week we got our tasks for the next half year. From A to Z everything was included. This Diversity hit the bull's eye with us and our motivation and ambition is fully awakened.
Lemonize is constantly growing. As recruiting and marketing are very important to the company (especially since the company moved to Ulm’s Dichterviertel only recently), one of our tasks is to support the marketing - classic style guide design, business cards, flyers, information processing and article writing.
The rooms are open and flooded with light. The view to the outside is given from every place. On 200 square meters, the "programming boys" and we have "Room To Be Creative". There are no limits to our ideas. That's why we were pleased to be able to participate right from the start in the design of the rooms. The green walls in combination with large wooden tables and glass elements create a modern and unique atmosphere. The task "Pimp our Office" includes for example the design of glass facades, inside and outside.
The endless number of screens are filled with lines of code and the interface of Magnolia CMS. Thus the IT world is also part of our everyday life and we get an overview into several technical fields. HTML tags, CSS, CMS and SEO are only a small part of the areas in which we may deepen our knowledge.
Even if Daniel, who sits hidden behind two screens opposite of me, curses from time to time, when his code is cutting up cutting up the entire design, it is still enormous fun to profit from the IT expertise of our colleagues. My colleagues are unique, incredibly sweet and each of them has his/her own individual strengths. From IoT to websites that are programmed so quickly that you wonder how something like this works, everything is included.
In the regular "impulse lectures" new contents, topics or programs are presented from one employee to the other. Even our colleagues who are not on-site every day are always present and reachable via video chat and telephone. From the first moment we were warmly welcomed and treated like a part of the team.

Everyday working life

For our two bosses, Vivian and Jens, it is important that each of us can contribute his or her strengths, but also try out new things with courage. Each of us has therefore received a project, in which we participate in the coming 6 monthsFrom design and QA activities to our own ideas, everything is challenged - and encouraged even more. To give free rein to our creativity is a privilege that is not given to many students during their practical semester. Our bosses and colleagues put a lot of time, energy and patience into us and our tasks.
And when the word "jungle" or "aquarium" appears on my screen, it is not because of the next planned Sunday trip, but because it is the next meeting place of the "Weekly" or "Daily". Once a week, or daily, we are allowed to present our results, pitch and collect ideas and brainstorms together with our bosses.
Initial uncertainties have quickly subsided. The knowledge we take with us from the first month alone and also for ourselves is enormous. Putting all the knowledge we have learned in the first three semesters into practice is versatile. Some things that we thought we would never need, now run through us almost daily.
When Dani, just at this moment, looks up from his screens to me and our stomachs make a competition, which probably gets the first prize in the growl, then it's because lunch is coming up and the smell of fresh food rises in our noses - Pasta Monday! At least once a week we cook and eat together, even the IT abbreviations at lunch are no longer hieroglyphics. The cohesion and the open contact is something we appreciate very much.
The internal structure is based on flat hierarchies and an honest and trusting approach. Despite sometimes stressful deadlines and high concentration, the working atmosphere is cheerful and pleasant.
We are looking forward to the next months and projects, which, even if they sometimes take up a lot of nerves and time - I just say single pixels count at Screendesign - are always a new exciting challenge, in which we are constantly growing and the fun is never neglected.

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