My first month
at Lemonize

Multi-faceted | Creative | Personal

Where have the last four weeks gone? Due to the very varied and exciting daily work routine, time seems to fly by. The meetings - from the digital morning briefing, to the weekly presentations over design coffee, to the lunch breaks in the office - are a great way to liven things up. An all-round pleasant working atmosphere.

Because of the high practical focus of the Information Management and Corporate Communication course at the University of Applied Sciences Neu-Ulm, all students spend their fourth semester in a company of their choice. In this semester, we have the chance to apply our theoretical knowledge in daily working situations and to get an insight into the working world after graduation. The course itself is interdisciplinary and includes the areas of business administration, information technology, marketing and design. During my internship at Lemonize GmbH, I have the chance to get to know all areas in practice and to get a taste of possible job profiles - with the aim of learning as much as possible in these six months for my future.

Every beginning is difficult - not at Lemonize

From the very first moment I was warmly welcomed into the team. The supervisors as well as the colleagues took a lot of time to explain tasks, programs and working methods and to involve me in projects.
In the first days I got a lot of input about UI/UX design and marketing, but also  received first smaller projects, which I worked on independently during the month. From design tasks in Affinity to creating wireframes for a client project to marketing tasks for Lemonize, I am integrated into different areas. It quickly became clear: here everyone, no matter if supervisor, employee or intern, has the chance to contribute their own ideas and proposals.

"Think out of the box" - In the weekly design coffee meetings, the design team presents the latest design trends and ideas to each other to stay up-to-date. As many of the colleagues work from home, there is a daily digital "morning briefing" to start the day together. Everyone briefly tells which tasks they are working on today and from whom they need help.  To increase team spirit and give the meeting a personal touch, there is a question every morning, such as "What skill would you like to have?", which everyone answers briefly or with a short anecdote. Sometimes funny conversations arise.

I have already been able to gain a lot of practical knowledge in my first month. And it motivates me to realize that I can actually put the theory I learned during my studies into practice, such as creating a persona or a SWOT analysis to highlight opportunities and risks as well as strengths and weaknesses. I'm looking forward to the next months with exciting and challenging projects and tasks in which I will constantly grow and evolve with.

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