Implement a global navigation to improve website usability.

The navigation app from Lemonize allows to maintain navigations (e.g. main menu, footer, social media etc.) in an app independently from the page structure in the Pages app. In other words, the navigation is independent of the individual pages and can be flexibly structured in a user- and SEO-friendly way.

Key features

- Configure (site structure-independent) navigations

- Multi-site compatible

- Every site can have its own navigation or fall back on the
  main navigation

- Central maintenance and creation of navigation

- Multiple navigations possible per site: main menu, meta navigation,
  footer, social media, etc.


Developer: Lemonize GmbH
Magnolia version: 6.x
Magnolia edition: DX-Core

This extension is maintained and offered by Lemonize GmbH. If you need more information and support, feel free to contact us. 


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