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Certified Magnolia CMS partner serving international customers. 

Magnolia CMS Gold Partner

Magnolia CMS is the central platform for the digital strategy of enterprises. It provides well-known content management as well as headless CMS functionality. As established Java CMS vendor Magnolia is often known as alternative to Adobe AEM.


Magnolia CMS highlights

Open Suite approach (easy to integrate)
Multi-site functionality
Intuitive content editing for authors
Customer-specific implementation
Hosting in-house or cloud
Magnolia CMS 6.2 highlights

Our services

As certified Gold Partner of Magnolia we implement since 2007 website projects and provide all services along the project lifecycle of the content management system:
CMS evaluation, technical conception, consulting, implementation and DevOps. You gain from our experience with national and international customer projects. 


Content Hub

Marketing assets are fetched from external sources (e.g., DAM, CRM, HRM system) to one central Hub and distributed across all customer touchpoints (e.g., website, customer portal, mobile app, ecommerce system) and, hence, play the role of a central content pool. As a result, you will get back the control on your customer experience.

Connector Packs

Magnolia Connector Packs integrate trouble-fee and fast digital sales and marketing systems. This includes market-leading marketing technologies like Salesforce, Commerce Cloud, Magento, Bynder, Amazon S3 and more. No integration to your system available? No problem! Due to the Magnolia open platform approach every 3rd party software can be easily integrated via API. 

Individual and personalized

Magnolia CMS is an enterprise content management system with an intuitive app concept. Apps are developed individual for your use case and enable authors to work context-based. 
Personalization is natively integrated and enables you to address your customers and website users based on their Persona.
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Hosting and Operation

Magnolia CMS may be hosted in-house or in the cloud (z.B. Azure, Magnolia Cloud, Docker or Managed Server). Our DevOps take care of the redndant and fail-safe operation as well as lean development processes and continuous delivery.




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